PALFINGER – Flexible Working Zones for “The HUB Vienna”.

“The HUB Vienna” at Vienna’s Austria Campus is the newest home of PALFINGER, leading international producer and supplier of innovative crane and lifting solutions. PALFINGER has more than 12,500 employees worldwide. Across 1,600 m², Neudoerfler has furnished the new location for innovation in Vienna, which aims to excite its own employees and also attract talent from the start-up scene. This meant that the office furnishings had to be just as innovative as the HUB Vienna itself.


Successful years of cooperation continue.

Neudoerfler’s working relationship with PALFINGER goes back almost decades. The head office in Bergheim, the locations in Salzburg and Köstendorf and now the HUB Vienna have all been furnished by Neudoerfler. The goal with the latest project was to design more than just an office location in Vienna. The new office is a space where innovation is driven forward.

During an intensive workshop, together with PALFINGER and the architects from Brickbyte, the Neudoerfler project team took two days to clarify in detail all the requirements for the new innovation centre and to jointly furnish and plan the office space according to the newest ideas in office design, as the role of the office has definitely changed in recent years. For this reason, our key questions were: Why do employees come to the office? What does an office need so that people enjoy working there?

The office concept and design, implemented together with Neudoerfler, creates an optimal space for colleagues from PALFINGER’s various departments to be inspired and collaborate. The perfect conditions for driving the digital transformation forward.
Stefan Kreppel, Head of Open Innovation & Site Lead at “The HUB Vienna” at PALFINGER
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The Future Way of Work.

The “new way of working” stands for flexible working across various locations. Depending on the task at hand, the right working environment is chosen spontaneously. This requires zones of collaboration, zones for undisturbed, focussed work and zones for colleagues to have informal discussions with each other. At PALFINGER, the purpose of each zone is also highlighted by colours. Blue stands for focussed, quiet work and yellow for lively communication.

You can choose your workplace freely at any time within the HUB Vienna. For telephone calls, employees can retreat to a telephone box; for one-on-one conversations, they’re able to book a focus room. The telephone boxes and focus rooms are located right next to the workstations, giving each employee their own place of refuge close by.

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Sitting or standing? Concentration or communication?

The Flux E plus Twintable electric height-adjustable desks are used for focussed work. The pin boards, designed in yellow to tie in with the PALFINGER brand, create privacy despite teamwork and ensure the most important notes are always in view. Alternating between sitting and standing work and changing locations during the workday increase productivity, provide more variety and offer many health benefits.

Desk sharing is actually a thing here. To make sure there is still room for personal belongings, lockers offer sufficient storage space for each employee so that personal valuables and items can be stored safely.

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Palfinger pinnwand twintable neudoerfler

Work from anywhere. Even outside.

That’s what the Future Way of Work promises. At the HUB Vienna, you can work at your desk or in focussed work zones, as well as on the terrace with a view over Vienna. Outdoor furniture makes this possible. Working outdoors makes you feel better because you can enjoy fresh air and sunshine during the workday. And the terrace furniture also provides the perfect meeting place for the team during lunch breaks.

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Flux E plus Twin desks with pin boards and wiring, Unit Cabinets, Sedus Mastermind desks, se:lab desks und high desks, Muuto Base High Table, Lockers, Sedus on spot conference chairs, Viasit Coloq stools, LaPalma Miunn bar stools, LaPalma Desk highchair, LaPalma LAB stools, LaPalma Auki stools, LaPalma Giro stools, Njustudio Stromer cable management, Plank Miura stool bar stools, Fatboy beanbags, Vitra Cork Family stools, DeVorm Pod PET Felt Privacy Chair lounge chairs, whiteboards und flipcharts, LaPalma Panco outdoor bench and table



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