GIRO – the bar stool in the Industrial Style.

The design of the GIRO is reminiscent of the legendary industrial furniture of times gone by. The bar stool appeals with its height-adjustable seat with a retro look.

Lapalma Giro Barhocker Varianten Neudoerfler

A product from Lapalma.

Industrial age meets America and Italy.

GIRO is based on old work stools, which also blend beautifully into studios and workrooms and provide a sense of industrial flair. It evokes cinema and coffee from America, combined with Italian lightness. In other words, a jump back into the past, but with an eye on the future.

Lapalma Giro Design Schraubhocker Neudoerfler
Lapalma Giro Hocker Bar Industrial Style Neudoerfler

Turning the right screws.

The swivel bar stool comprises four stainless steel legs that rise to finish at a round seat. A screw beneath the seat provides that certain something. It can be used to adjust the seat height and inspires joy in movement. There are various options to choose from for the seat itself: moulded multiplex in different designs, stainless steel or a covering of soft leather. A backrest is also possible.

Lapalma Giro Barhocker Rustikal Neudoerfler
Lapalma Giro Barhocker Hoehenverstellbar Neudoerfler