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Mission Statement – people oriented, close at hand, resourceful.

Focused on people. Close at hand. Resourceful. These values are important to us – in our dealings with customers, employees and business partners. Environmental awareness is the common thread that runs through our set of values. We work constantly on improving operational environmental protection above and beyond all environmental regulations and laws. We try to avoid and/or reduce environmental impacts through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

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From people with drive.
For people with drive.

What do people need to exploit their potential at work to the fullest? To take just as much vigour home with them after a day full of zeal and enthusiasm? That is what has always interested us at Neudoerfler. That’s why we look closely. And listen even more closely to truly understand which product solutions and concepts actually inspire and support people in their work.

We want to offer everyone the ideal environment for good, healthy and ultimately successful work. In the Neudoerfler worlds of work, everyone should realise their personal strengths to the full. Or in other words: we put a lot of passion into developing little aids and big solutions that make everyday office life a bit more intuitive, inspiring, flexible and simply more worth living.

Even as work methods and office concepts change over the years, our key principles of being “clever, human and close to the customer” are never up for debate. Because these are timeless qualities that are guaranteed to outlast every trend.

People oriented

We place people and their needs at the centre of what we do in a more spirited way than others. For example, we create optimal preconditions for everyone who gives of their best at work every day. For those who want to exploit their individual potential to the fullest and realise their ambitions.

Because we know that an office is one thing above all else: a living space full of people with ideas and targets – with hopes and fears – with children, dogs and so much more besides.

Close at hand

When you’re closely involved, you know that close support begins well before the project starts and doesn’t simply finish when the project ends. You listen attentively, interpret carefully, understand what it’s all really about, and are there when it matters. That’s when you stand together, roll up your sleeves and find solution.

Being in the right place at the right time – that’s essential. What helps with this? Spatial proximity, short distances and common roots in the region. They provide mutual trust in a global, complex world.


We’re a good bit more inventive to ensure our products and solutions are more considered, individual and clever than expected.

We identify people’s needs. We have an eye for the small details that make the big difference. We pour these into clever solutions and simple processes. Into everything that makes contact with our customers – and subsequently their everyday working environment – noticeably easier, friendlier and ultimately more efficient.