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Bank Burgenland – office furniture with a feel-good atmosphere.

Distributed over five floors, the headquarters of Bank Burgenland in Eisenstadt were equipped with height-adjustable desks, storage options and discussion zones. Light colours, homely fabrics and a focus on the employees’ needs create a feel-good atmosphere in the spacious, light-drenched offices. The employees were therefore able to move back into the freshly remodelled head office in 2021.

Bank burgenland projekt arbeitsplaetze einhausungen privatsphaere bueromoebel neudoerfler

Comfort meets movement at the workstation.

The existing main building of Bank Burgenland was subject to a lavish remodelling and expansion. The project’s goal was to offer the employees a modern and superbly equipped work environment. The workstations, management offices, discussion rooms, coat racks and kitchens of the headquarters were subsequently refurbished.

All of the workstations were kitted out with electrically height-adjustable work tables that enable frequent changing between working while seated and standing up, and therefore get the employees moving more in everyday working life. The management offices and meeting rooms have convex conference tables that impress with one particularly refined detail: all wiring and connections are invisibly housed in the tabletop and the feet.

Bank burgenland teamarbeitsplatz einhausung container stauraum ablageflaeche bueromoebel neudoerfler
Bank burgenland projekt konferenztisch meeting bueroeinrichtung neudoerfler
Bank burgenland referenz buero schulungsraum besprechungstisch neudoerfler

Living room atmosphere in the office.

Light fabrics and furniture in muted colours create a homely yet modern atmosphere in the office spaces. The plant trays integrated onto the cabinets bring a shot of fresh green to every floor, create a pleasant indoor climate and also serve as a means for zoning the space.

A quiet environment is also vital for people to concentrate on their work. Acoustically effective workstation enclosures absorb disruptive noises with their special composition and also create a better sense of privacy. In similarly sound-absorbent discussion booths, up to four people can find a spot for uninterrupted conversations.

Bank burgenland bueromoebel pflanzwanne raumzonierung stauraum neudoerfler
Bank burgenland besprechungskoje meeting loungemoebel bueroeinrichtung neudoerfler
"Neudoerfler addressed our wishes right at the start of planning, which it implemented with energy and a wealth of ideas."
Gerhard Nyul, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Bank Burgenland

“Our staff had requested height-adjustable desks to bring movement to their working day. They also wanted more storage space and somewhere to sit for brief discussions,” Gerhard Nyul describes the requirements for the furnishings.

Bank burgenland hoehenverstellbar arbeitstisch bewegung ergonomie buero neudoerfler

Clever solutions for productive days at work.

To continue the harmonious overall vision in the furnishings, innovative enclosures were developed for printers and copiers. In this way the technical equipment disappears behind U-shaped, rounded walls that were customised in the same style as the discussion booths and workstation enclosures. The special structure with acoustically effective materials also helps to mute printer noise.

In meeting the employees’ request, tall desks in the offices were equipped with an integrated fridge in order to be able to keep drinks and snacks cool right at the workstation. There is somewhere for jackets and coats, with several bespoke coat rack elements having been installed on each floor.

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Customer name

Hypo Bank Burgenland

Supplied furniture

Flux E sit-stand-desk, Noova privacy wall, Motion wide file-cabinet with seating cushion, AER storage space, Motion plant tray, Sedus quarterback swivel chair, Dreyfuss conference table, Meet:Me conference table, Züco Little Perillo conference chairs, printer-enclosures, meeting booths, Motion Talk communication furniture, KOOK kitchenettes, wardrobe elements

Project team

Neudoerfler Geschäftsstelle Neudörfl

Photos & Video

Michael Baumgartner | KiTO

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