The management team of Neudoerfler represents the many committed joiners, office planners, apprentices, fitters and logisticians, buyers, bookkeepers and employees in administration and production who pursue a single goal with total passion and personal dedication: to create a workplace that is more than just a place to work. That is a place of thought, exchange and advancement. A space of possibilities, where you can feel good and be yourself – in order to develop your full potential.

Adelheid Adelwöhrer

Mag. Adelheid Adelwöhrer


Bernhardt Kronnerwetter

DI Bernhardt Kronnerwetter, MBA


Dominik Blecha

Head of production

Michael Davies

Team leader Customizing & Data Engineering

Gerda Fellner

Sales Manager Germany

Michael Hanser-Bokalo

Team leader Material Management

Ing. Andrea Harweck

Team leader Sales Upper Austria / Salzburg

Andrea Karner

Head of human resources

Orsolya Kajtár

CEO Hungary

Ing. Stefan Lumesberger

Team leader Project Management

Martin Manek

CEO Slovakia

Martin Moser

Team leader IT

Ing. Helmut Nagele

Team leader Sales Tyrol / Vorarlberg

Ing. Klaus Pfeffer

Head of Export & Other Sales, Authorised Officer

Roman Pfeifer

Quality, Environmental and Process Management

Ing. Gabriel Pfeiffer

Team leader Sales Vienna / Lower Austria / Burgenland

Mutiara Pokorny, BSc

Team leader Product Management & Marketing

István Szép, MSc

Team leader Engineering

Christopher Trattner

Team leader Sales Styria / Carinthia

Alexandra Wettl, BSc

Team leader Order Processing