The management team of Neudoerfler represents the many committed joiners, office planners, apprentices, fitters and logisticians, buyers, bookkeepers and employees in administration and production who pursue a single goal with total passion and personal dedication: to create a workplace that is more than just a place to work. That is a place of thought, exchange and advancement. A space of possibilities, where you can feel good and be yourself – in order to develop your full potential.

Team mitarbeiter bueromoebel neudoerfler

Mag. Heidi Adelwöhrer

Executive Management

Manfred Huber

Executive Management

Dominik Blecha

Head of production

Michael Davies

Team leader Customizing & Data Engineering

Bernd Deussen

Head of Sales Austria

Dominik Fallmann

Team leader IT

Gerda Fellner

Sales Manager Germany

Michael Hanser-Bokalo

Team leader Material Management

Ing. Andrea Harweck

Team leader Sales Upper Austria / Salzburg

Andrea Karner

Head of human resources

Orsolya Kajtár

CEO Hungary

Ing. Stefan Lumesberger

Team leader Project Management

Martin Manek

CEO Slovakia

Ing. Helmut Nagele

Team leader Sales Tyrol / Vorarlberg

Ing. Klaus Pfeffer

Head of Export & Other Sales, Authorised Officer

Roman Pfeifer

Quality, Environmental and Process Management

Ing. Gabriel Pfeiffer

Team leader Sales Vienna / Lower Austria / Burgenland

Mutiara Pokorny, BSc

Team leader Product Management & Marketing

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Pratl, MBA

Team leader Health

István Szép, MSc

Team leader Engineering

Christopher Trattner

Team leader Sales Styria / Carinthia

Alexandra Wettl, BSc

Team leader Order Processing