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For us, sustainability is not just some trendy term, but is practised each and every day. We produce in an energy efficient way, procure wood from sustainable forestry and deliver our furniture mostly without disposable packaging, but instead carefully wrapped in blankets.

Made in Austria.

We deliberately produce our furniture at the company headquarters in Neudörfl and work wherever possible with regional companies and suppliers. That way, the quality is right and the added value remains in the region. The short transport routes ensure a small CO2 footprint. Our furniture is designed to last a lifetime, which makes it particularly sustainable.

We are pioneers in environmental protection.

Neudoerfler is the first company in Burgenland to display the eco-label. The ISO 14001 certification and the PEFC certification also underscore how important environmental protection is to us. PEFC ensures that materials are procured from sustainable forestry.

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Sawdust & blankets for sustainable processes.

We do not just throw away sawdust residues that accumulate in our production, but we reuse them to heat our building. Throughout the year, the sawdust is collected to produce heat in winter.

95% of the furniture produced in Neudörfl is packed without disposable packaging, but carefully wrapped in blankets. The blankets serve to protect the furniture during transport. After they have been used, they come back to Neudoerfler with our assemblers and wait to be used for the next customer. This packaging process is particularly environmentally friendly, and always has been.