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Storage space & lounge furniture for a floating feeling of lightness.

Venice by Neudoerfler.

Venice by Neudoerfler impresses with its unique design. Inspired by the pile dwellings in Venice, the Venice furniture series brings a relaxed lightness to everyday working life and its environment with its unique design that looks as if it's floating. Venice is as diverse as the working days. Furniture that invites people to stay and relax, provides space for individuality and helps people to realise their full potential at work.
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Sit-stand desks

For more movement in the office.

Work is at its most enjoyable when it provides variety. Scientific studies have shown that frequently changing our posture makes a big contribution to reducing stress and building up reserves of energy. The optimal solution is a combination of sitting, standing and walking. This is very easily achieved with our sit-stand desks.
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For a working day full of vim and vigour.

What do people need to exploit their potential at work to the fullest? To take just as much vigour home with them after a day full of zeal and enthusiasm? That is what has always interested us at Neudoerfler. It’s why we look closely, listen closely and develop our office furniture with heart and soul, in order to make everyday office life a bit more intuitive, inspiring, flexible and simply more worth living.
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