Office desks for a comfortable working environment.

Where do we spend more time during the working day than at our office desk? This makes it all the more important to customise it to your own needs. Neudoerfler office desks leave nothing to be desired: whether (electrically or mechanically) height-adjustable, spacious, compact, for more than eight hours or for a quick change of scenery: discover our versatile range of office desks now.

Ergonomic office desks for more dynamism.

More and more people spend the majority of their day sitting. Tension and pain can be unpleasant side effects of too little movement. Sit-stand office desks offer you the flexibility you need to be dynamic and fit throughout your working day. Keep in mind: the next position is always the healthiest. You can switch between a sitting and standing position at the touch of a button. The height can be individually adjusted. This not only relieves pressure on the spine, but also allows muscle groups to recover through the movement sequences in between. Extra tip: Our sit-stand solutions are also ideal for shared desks because everyone can find the right working height at the touch of a button.

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