se:note – innovative and compact micro workstation.

se:note is a micro workstation that is an innovative combination of work table and chair. As a solution for workshops, events and informal discussions, it offers the freedom of design to reinterpret work areas.

Sedus Senote Mikroarbeitsplatz Schreibtisch Sitzflaeche Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

A product from Sedus.

Maximum possibilities.

Whether for workshops, trade fairs, events or spontaneous meetings with colleagues – the se:note is always available when things need to move quickly. The micro workstation is reduced to the essentials, always ready for use and needs no setting up. Thanks to its low weight and recessed handle, the se:note is easy to take along or relocate.

Sedus Senote Mikroarbeitsplatz Innovativ Meeting Flexibel Buero Neudoerfler
Sedus Senote Griffmulde Mobil Mikroarbeitsplatz Events Workshops Neudoerfler

Surprisingly simple and straightforward.

se:note is a workstation with a mono construction that innovatively combines the seat and desktop. The tabletop has a pen tray to keep everything in one place without taking up a lot of space. New settings can be made in a flash and cleared away again just as quickly thanks to the straightforward use. When not in use, the se:note can be stored in a staggered manner to save space.

Sedus Senote Mikroarbeitsplatz Settings Kombinieren Buero Meeting Event Neudoerfler
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