Sedus se:flex

The flexible office swivel chair for diverse workstations is packed full of clever and surprising functions to offer as many people as possible the most comfortable way to sit.

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A product from Sedus.

Conspicuously inconspicuous.

It is almost impossible to identify all the features and functions of the se:flex from its pleasantly light and flowing forms. Packed with clever technology, it enables maximum sitting comfort. While the chair automatically adapts to different users thanks to its intelligent automatic weight regulator, the backrest flexibly follows every movement to enable healthy sitting in all positions.

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The optimal chair for everyone.

Versatility is to be expected in everyday working life, which is why this chair also comes with so many design options. If you like things airy, go for the se:flex with the pleasant mesh membrane. If you prefer padding, the comfortable Slim pad comes in many different versions.

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