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Haus der Wiener Wirtschaft – courage to change.

The new “Haus der Wiener Wirtschaft” business centre in Vienna brings 10 locations of the Vienna Economic Chambers together under one roof. On an area of 22,000 m2, open-plan work and communication areas were created with lots of space for advising and servicing the member companies.

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Digitalisation, rapid innovation cycles and a high degree of customer and service focus require new office and work structures as well as the courage to change. The Vienna Economic Chambers demonstrate this courage in the “Haus der Wiener Wirtschaft”. A big step with which future challenges should be met in an agile way and with no loss of time. This major project was therefore achieved with the requisite speed and efficiency within a period of 14 months.

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From workplace to workspace.

More than 700 employees are now accommodated in the new “Haus der Wiener Wirtschaft”. Awaiting them here is a modern office landscape with ideal working conditions. Throughout the building there are numerous opportunities for interacting with colleagues and managers, for working in a team or for focused reflection – whether in the open-plan team areas, in concentration zones, in one of the many seating corners or at the coffee bars in the spacious lounge areas. Pastel colours, real wood elements and plants create a homely yet distinctly modern atmosphere.

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Everything on the move.

The offices are well thought out, attractive and have a clear design. All workstations were equipped with electrically height-adjustable work tables that stimulate their users to engage in more physical activity. That brings healthy movement in the truest sense of the word to everyday working life. Acoustically effective desk enclosures ensure privacy at the workstation while also leaving enough free space for open communication.

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4,000 metres of fabric for optimal spatial acoustics.

The importance of spatial acoustics is often underestimated in modern buildings with soundproof materials. Not so in the “Haus der Wiener Wirtschaft” Neudoerfler developed and installed aesthetically appealing acoustic panels in characteristic colours that noticeably optimise the spatial acoustics and create a stylistic contrast to the mostly discreet furniture. Custom-made, colour-coordinated cabinets fit seamlessly into the overall look.

For desk enclosures and wall panels, Neudoerfler processed fabrics measuring an impressive four kilometres in length, which is almost exactly equivalent to the length of the Prater Hauptallee opposite.

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Customer name

Wirtschaftskammer Wien

Supplied furniture

Flux E Plus electrically height-adjustable work table, Noova privacy wall desk enclosures,, Motion Mini discussion table, pivoting door cabinets for meeting rooms, Motion acoustic panels, Motion sliding-door cabinets

Project team

Neudoerfler Team Wien


Hertha Hurnaus

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