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Motion acoustic panels – smart sound absorbers.

Whenever the noise level gets unbearable, concentration quickly flies out the window. Sometimes even brief phone calls, people talking quietly to themselves or brief discussions amongst colleagues are enough for you to lose your train of thought. Fortunately, there are smart solutions for cleverly blocking out the background noise in the office, meeting room or lounge area, and gently muting the acoustics.

Motion Akustikpaneele Wandpaneele Buero Empfang Lounge Wartebereich Neudeorfler

They make a statement. And diminish the office grapevine.

Our Motion acoustic panels are the best proof that good indoor acoustics and sophisticated design need not be mutually exclusive. Homely, harmonious colour tones please the eye and create visual accents, while clever combinations of materials ensure a peaceful room and a peaceful mind. The perfect backdrop for relaxed work, better comprehension of speech and for everyone who’d like to retain peace and quiet even when things get lively.

Motion Akustikpaneele Wandmontage Gerauesche Reduzieren Buero Open Office Neudoerfler
Motion Akustikpaneele Wandpaneele Schall Minimieren Buero Empfang Neudoerfler

Tone in tone.

Amazingly stylish and effective: our Motion acoustic panels combine elements with acoustically activated melamine, veneer or fabric surfaces. The overall surface of the panel, the size and arrangement of the individual elements and their materials can be combined in any way you like. Simply create your own work of art based on the room size, aesthetics and desired impact. The desired result is easy to install and fits into virtually every room design.

Motion Akustikpaneele Wandpaneele Besprechungsraum Schallschlucker Buero Neudoerfler
Motion Akustikpaneele Schalldaempfer Buero Geraeusch Neudoerfler
Motion Akustikpaneele Stoff Holz Bohrung Ruhe Buero Neudoerfler

Colours & materials

The following versions are available to choose from for acoustic elements with a melamine or veneer surface:

Wood decorations in melamine

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Uni decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine

You can choose from the following fabric ranges for Kvardrat acoustic elements with a textile surface:

Casa, Field 2, Divina 3, Divina MD, Divina Melange 3, Remix 2, Steelcut Trio 3

You can find more information at www.kvadrat.dk/en.


Lengths in cm 60 / 150 / 210 / 240
Widths / Heights in cm 60 / 90 / 120
Depth (from the wall to the front edge of the acoustic panel) in cm 5.5