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se:works – more than just a sofa.

se:works is a work sofa that not only looks good, but also promotes productivity and inspiration with a superb level of comfort. Ergonomic and multifunctional upholstered furniture that lets people feel at home in the office. The sofa is meticulously thought through from the ground up, has a modular design and has been perfected for multiple applications.

Sedus Seworks Arbeitssofa Wartebereiche Loungemoebel Sitzmoebel Buero Neudoerfler

A product Sedus.

Alone or together.

The ergonomic seat pads create the optimal conditions for concentrated and comfortable work. Depending on the design, one or more people can take a pew on the se:works. The modules can be used individually or combined and linked. se:works includes bench elements without backrest, chairs, sofas and complete single workstations, optionally with or without privacy screen for open or shielded solutions and is therefore ideally suited for multifunctional use.

Sedus seworks sofa lounge office furniture neudoerfler
Sedus seworks sofa office furniture seating furniture neudoerfler

Limitless possibilities.

se:works comes in a large range of colours and materials that let you design the office in dozens of ways, as well as the possibility to configure each sofa individually to create the very best solution for every area. Ready-made configurations are also available, such as the chair or the solo sofa. More unusual design sofas with a circular, S or U shape are also included in the diverse repertoire of the se:works range.

Sedus seworks sofa lounge furniture office furniture reception neudoerfler
Sedus se: works small seating area with table, shelf and privacy screen Neudoerfler