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sweetspot – for relaxed and creative work.

The sweetspot creates a relaxed atmosphere and a relaxed way to sit. It is particularly well suited for rooms in which people come together to work or sit down together, such as reception or waiting areas.

Sedus Sweetspot Loungesessel Loungemoebel Besucherstuhl Neudoerfler

A product from Sedus.

Inspiring and inviting.

The inviting look and the ergonomically shaped seat pan of the sweetspot will make you relax and feel like your sitting in a lounge. At the same time, it has everything required for creative and concentrated work wherever people come together.

Sedus Sweetspot Stuhl Besucherstuhl Konferenz Lounge Bueromoebel Neudoerfler
Sedus Sweetspot Besucherstuhl Konferenzstuhl Lounge Neudoerfler

A more relaxed way to sit.

The comfortable lounge chair can be used everywhere and is also technically sophisticated. The seat foam and integrated gas spring in the pad zone almost convey a feeling of weightlessness. At the same time, the slightly upright sitting posture also supports creative processes and concentrated collaboration.

Sedus sweetspot lounge chair meeting chair office furniture neudoerfler
Sedus sweetspot lounge chair meeting chair seating furniture office neudoerfler
Sedus sweetspot lounge chair office furniture neudoerfler