se:spot - the homely designer chair.

The chair with a touch of Scandinavian design brings a homely flair to living spaces and work rooms. se:spot combines a stylish look with ergonomic comfort.

Sedus Sespot Stuhl Lounge Empfang Besprechung Buero Neudoerfler

A product from Sedus.

Design that flows quite naturally.

The se:spot impresses not only with its appearance, but also with its ideal level of comfort. The curve of the backrest adapts perfectly to the shape of the user’s body to provide the best level of support for the spinal column and for an ergonomic way to sit.

Sedus se:spot lounge chair seating furniture neudoerfler

A stylish all-rounder.

With its homely charm, the se:spot creates a pleasant ambience in every kind of space. The chair comes with a wide range of colours for the seat pans, and upholstery for universal use in meeting and break rooms, as well as reception and lounge areas. The appearance of se:spot can be changed without tools in an instant, thanks to the interchangeable padding covers. That way, se:spot can also be updated to match new colour schemes or different uses.

Sedus Sespot Designstuhl Polsterung Loungemoebel Sitzmoebel Buero Cafe Neudoerfler
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