Post am Rochus – flexibility for the “New Way of Work”.

Österreichische Post AG is the leading domestic provider of logistics and postal services, and also strongly positioned abroad with subsidiaries in twelve European countries. At the new corporate headquarters in Vienna – the “Post am Rochus” – the approximately 1,100 employees have had access to flexible, beautiful and highly functional workstations on an area of 22,000 m² of office space since November 2017.

Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Lounge Stauraum Melamin Holz

Architecture and furnishing as an integrated concept.

Flexible, varied work environments create optimal conditions for activity-based work. The perfect balance of design, functionality and high-quality materials determines the furnishing concept that was tailored precisely to the customer’s needs by the architect team of Schenker Salvi Weber and feld72.

Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Besprechung Besprechungstisch Kabine Trennwand Sitzmoebel
Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Stauraum Regal Arbeitsplaetze Holz
“Neudoerfler impressed us with its excellent performance, depth of production and flexibility. What I appreciate about the collaboration with Neudoerfler is the absolute dependability as well as the trait of always looking forwards and always working towards the successful completion of the project, even when faced with complications.”
Julia Reisenbichler, project leader Österreichische Post AG
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Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Kabine Besprechungsraum

Diverse spaces for activity-based work.

All offices floors in the new “Post am Rochus” have an open-plan design. Colour-coordinated furniture supports the visual arrangement of the spacious, open areas. The varied and diversely designed work environment focuses on the different needs and requirements of the employees. Focus rooms for individuals or creative rooms for up to five people form the zoning in the offices.

Communication and discussion areas complement each other synergistically with rooms to retreat to for concentrated work. The consistently considered office architecture creates all prerequisites for the successful implementation of activity-based work away from classic desktop thinking. All items of furniture can also be easily adapted to changing team structures or work methods.

Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Besprechungstisch Besprechungsstuehle Stauraum Holz Stoff
Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Besprechungsraum Tisch Stuehle Schwarz
Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Arbeitsplaetze Buerostuehle Stauraum Schrank

Clever all-rounders and storage miracles.

The shelving and cabinet systems developed or selected for the project with the architects and customised and series-manufactured by Neudoerfler are true all-rounders: they arrange the open-plan office floors in combination with selected seating products and create an acoustically pleasant indoor climate with their sound-absorbent surfaces. At the same time, they fulfil all the functional requirements that can be placed on contemporary storage solutions.

Large tables – known as working benches – are available at the “Post am Rochus” for communicative teamwork. These have absolutely no visual barriers and were specifically selected for project and teamwork on the basis of a user vote during the planning process.

Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Pflanzwanne Holz
Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Loungebereich Lockerschrank Stauraum Holz

Integrated acoustics concept.

The development of the acoustically effective furniture is based on extensive calculations. The implementation with acoustically optimised materials and surfaces was carried out by the acoustic experts of Neudoerfler, who were involved in many relevant questions of detail during the planning phase. As suspended acoustic ceilings were not possible throughout the building, most of the acoustic challenges had to be solved using the furnishings. In keeping with the aspect of lightness, the storage elements were mostly executed with oak legs, which gives them a floating character and conveys a feeling of cosy comfort.

Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Pflanzwanne Holz Lockerschrank

High-quality, considered and homely.

The perfect balance of design, functionality and high-quality materials determines the furnishing concept of the “Post am Rochus”. All furniture was made from oak with a real wood veneer and combined with porcelain-white melamine surfaces.

A total of 550 multifunctional cabinets create the layout on seven office levels: lockers were combined with coat rack elements or plant walls, cabinet furniture has integrated seating. The range of services also encompasses 88 beautifully shaped, high-quality discussion tables and height-adjustable, 4.8 metre-long benches.

Neudoerfler was once again able to put its solution-orientated competence in series-manufactured customised solutions and its acoustic know-how to the test.

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Customer name

Österreichische Post AG


Schenker Salvi Weber | feld72

Office consultant

M.O.O.CON, Team Gnesda

Supplied furniture

550 acoustically effective Motion shelves, 2.121 cabinet elements, integrated wardrobe elements 88 conference tables, such as Flux E Bench discussion table, Noova privacy wall and Flux E sit-stand desks, Viasit Linea swivel chairs, lounge furniture Cascando Basic Seating Module (BSM), Cascando U2 side table, lockers together with Motion cabinet tops with plant tubs, Full glass wall room-in-room solutions

Project team

Neudoerfler Wien


Hertha Hurnaus

Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Besprechung Besprechungstisch Holz Stuehle
Neudoerfler Post Am Rochus Loungebereich Stauraum