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Full glass wall – the partition wall for an endless expanse and a clear view.

The full glass wall brings openness and freedom to the team. It takes a step back and lets the room work for itself. Through minimised profiles on the ceiling and floor and entirely free from vertical profiles, it creates a flowing transition between different spaces. Meeting rooms can be transparently screened off, and with large spaces the full glass wall creates visual zoning.

Ganzglaswand trennwand glas raumsystem neudoerfler

Maximum transparency for your space.

The large glass panes are held safely in place by pressed-in seals. A transparent effect is made possible by applying transparent adhesive tape to the joints.

Depending on structural and acoustic requirements, the wall system can be executed in a single-skin or double-skin constructions with different thickness of glass. An open atmosphere is created, in which discussions nevertheless remain confidential.

Office meets industrial chic.

A partition wall in the loft style enables the perfect symbiosis of quiet retreat and airy atmosphere. The loft character is created through the application of decorative aluminium profiles on both sides of the glass wall. The free arrangement of the profiles lets you achieve all kinds of effects and give each room its own, unique character. For rooms with flair

Technology of the full glass wall

Construction single-skin and double-skin
Flexibility reversible system wall, simple retrofitting
Glazing Glass thicknesses of 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm
Levelling Tolerance to floor +/-3 mm (for profiles with height of 25 mm) or +/-15 mm (for profiles with height of 45 mm) and ceiling +/-15 mm
Standard ETAG 003
Acoustics/sound protection single-skin: up to 38 dB (Rw) corresponding to 1 x 16 mm VSG Acoustic/double-skin: up to 51 dB (Rw) corresponding to 2 x 16 VSG Acoustic
Colours Profiles in aluminium, natural anodised A6/CO, powder-coated RAL 9011 (graphite black) as well as special colours on request, seal: black or light grey
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