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System partition wall – for a mix of openness and protection against prying eyes.

The system partition wall gives your space a balanced mix of transparency and retreat. With its double-skin structure, it ensures a high degree of acoustic screening, providing a setting for undisturbed conversations. With a large selection of materials, you have numerous design possibilities for the panels, allowing the system partition wall to adapt perfectly to your space.

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Open for everything ... and yet top secret ...

This space system provides lots of scope for individual design. A large selection of panels in melamine, veneer, fabric and glass fulfils every wish. As an office wall, the system partition wall forms acoustically and visually screened areas which can additionally be equipped with organisational aids. As a corridor wall, it delivers just the right mix of openness and protection against prying eyes.

It’s so well insulated that conversations remain within the four (partition) walls. The system partition wall combines highly effective noise insulation and sound absorption in a single wall element. The wall can also be retrofitted to meet new acoustic requirements.

Organisation is half the battle.

But not always, because when the walls help with arranging and organising, everything happens even quicker. The double-skin system partition wall has a talent for organisation. It can be designed differently on both sides, with panels made of melamine, veneer, fabric or glass. Storage and organisational elements make it a versatile aid in the office and ensure that you always have the most important documents within reach.

Technology of the system partition wall

Construction Double-skin standing construction, incl. panels 106 mm thick
Flexibility reversible system wall, simple retrofitting
Panels Veneer, melamine, fabric, glass (glass thickness 6 mm or 8 mm)
Levelling Tolerance to floor and ceiling each +/- 25 mm and ceiling movements +/- 10 mm
Standard ETAG 003
Acoustic/sound protection Three difference acoustic quality levels from 37 to 48 dB (Rw)
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