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For people with drive.

At Neudoerfler, we’ve learned over the years that people appreciate our furniture for offering space for everything that makes us human. Because we’re real people, with a great love of craftsmanship and detail:

Neudoerfler Geschichte Lore Alt

For 592 keystrokes per minute.

It was in Vienna in 1959, when Lore Alt – an emancipated woman of her time – typed her way to become world typewriter champion for the third time in a row, leaving everyone else far behind. Sitting at a desk from Neudoerfler.

Neudoerfler Wu Wien Aula Arbeitsbereiche Andreas Hafenscher Geschichte

For 2,587 graduates a year.

Anything but layabouts, despite the comfortable work environment of Neudoerfler: over 2,500 students celebrate their graduation from the Vienna University of Economics and Business each year. Indeed, it took Neudoerfler three months to set up the 3,000 workplaces and 1,000 offices.

Neudoerfler Lkw Auslieferung

Involving more than 960,000 kilometres.

For our customers, no distance is too great: our lorries cover approx. 960,000 km year delivering over 52,000 cabinets, 39,000 desks and 18,000 rolling file-cabinets.