HoHo Vienna – the world’s tallest house of wood.

Comfortable, cosy and simply different: that’s the Neudoerfler show office in the first phase of HoHo Vienna – the world’s tallest high-rise project built from wood. Located in Seestadt Aspern, HoHo Vienna offers 19,500 square metres of rental space and an innovative environment for pioneering companies.

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Spruce meets alpine hay.

When nature suddenly meets nature in an urban context, positive energies start to flow. A warm and welcoming atmosphere inspires and promotes productivity. The subtle colour tones selected for the Neudoerfler show office are perfectly coordinated with the natural spruce walls and ceilings of HoHo Vienna. Materials such as felt and natural alpine hay combined with high-tech surfaces such as Nanotec create a pleasant indoor climate on the one hand and underscore the innovative character of the office on the other.

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Working in HoHo Vienna is different.

A wide range of different work situations are supported by a well thought-out mix of concentration and communication workstations from the “unit” furniture range of Neudoerfler’s German subsidiary planmöbel. Enclosures protect the work tables from unwanted interruptions. Felt elements and the acoustic attachments of the cabinets have a sound-absorbent effect. And, last but not least, the gently rounded contours of the work tables, privacy screens and sound-insulation elements as well as the cabinets make the Neudoerfler show office particularly inviting.

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Standing at work – keeping in motion.

Height-adjustable work tables are a must for trendsetting offices because standing while working is healthy: the back is relieved and the body’s circulation improved. In HoHo Vienna, ergonomically optimised workstation situations with electric lifting tables bring decisively “more” movement to the show office. Because when you move about and feel good when working at a desk, you’ll not only be more motivated, but also more productive. And when standing, you’ll breathe deep and think much more freely.

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Customer name

HoHo Wien / Kerbler Holding GmbH

Supplied furniture

planmöbel unit work table, planmöbel unit backbone workplace and storage space in one, planmöbel unit electric lifting table, visual and soundproofing elements from planmöbel unit privacy screen made of felt, planmöbel unit storage partly with acoustic attachment, management area with meeting situation, HÅG Capisco office chairs, Sedus on spot and Viasit Impulse

Project team

Neudoerfler Wien


Hertha Hurnaus

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