on spot – comfort for creative spaces.

The inviting and homely design of the on spot visitor chair combines the relaxed character of a lounge with productive sitting ergonomics. The ideal chair for team areas, co-working areas and places of retreat.

Sedus on spot besucherstuhl homeoffice sitzen neudoerfler

A product from Sedus.

Homely design and tangible ergonomics.

The on spot chair allows creative and focused work wherever spontaneous ideas are called for. The homely design ensures a high degree of cosiness. Ergonomics are also available in abundance. The body-embracing seat pan, the comfy armrest wings and the lumbar bulge ensure a comfortable sitting position that is perfectly balanced between an active and relaxed posture.

Sedus on spot besucherstuhl bistrostuhl sitzmoebel buero neudoerfler
Sedus on spot konferenzstuhl sitzmoebel bueroeinrichtung neudoerfler

The visiting card for your office.

The especially refined version in leather looks outstanding in foyers, management levels or prestigious discussion rooms and leaves behind a lasting impression at first glance. Refined details such as seams in a contrasting colour or the upholstery edges that can be reworked in the colours of the seams make a statement in every office landscape.

Sedus on spot besucherstuhl sitzmoebel konferenz neudoerfler
Sedus on spot konferenzstuhl meeting bueromoebel neudoerfler