WU Wien Campus – a magnet for teaching and research

1 campus, 6 architects, 6 buildings and around 16,500 pieces of furniture which Neudoerfler supplied for offices, seminar rooms and public self-study zones – a project of superlatives. At the new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, students and staff have found a magnet for teaching and research. Each building is also totally unique.

Neudoerfler Wu Wien Aula Arbeitsbereiche Andreas Hafenscher

Space to teach and learn.

In the space of just three months, 3,000 workstations for students and 1,000 offices for staff were furnished. The classic work tables with stylish, black table frames and white tabletops in the learning and study areas offer plenty of space for books, scripts, snacks and drinks bottles – for the perfect way to prepare for upcoming exams. Chairs and accessories in shades of yellow and purple add stimulating colour statements to everyday student life.

Neudoerfler Wu Wien Bibliothek Andreas Hafenscher
Neudoerfler Wu Wien Meetingbereich Stehpult Andreas Hafenscher
Neudoerfler Wu Wien Bibliothek Arbeitstische Lernbereich Andreas Hafenscher

Concentrated and creative work.

The staff offices have lots of space for concentrated work or active collaboration. Hinged-door and sliding-door cabinets provide sufficient storage for documents, the organisable notice boards dozens of ways to arrange your notes. Get together with others to come up with ideas for developing the study programme in the meeting rooms equipped with spacious discussion tables.

Neudoerfler Wu Wien Meetingraum Andreas Hafenscher
Neudoerfler Wu Wien Arbeitsplaetze Arbeitstisch Andreas Hafenscher

Clever solutions for diverse requirements.

The unbelievable scale and complexity of the project as well as the specific requirements for the furniture posed special challenges. Studying, communicating and working – three different areas of life have been combined in a harmonious overall concept.

With a wealth of ideas, a focus on solutions and a hands-on mentality, Neudoerfler took the specifications of the architects and office planners and developed individual solutions such as specially created electrically height-adjustable “Presenter Tables”.

Neudoerfler Wu Wien Arbeitsraum Studienraum Tisch Stuehle Andreas Hafenscher
Neudoerfler Wu Wien Lernbereich Arbeitstische Stuehle Andreas Hafenscher
Customer name

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien


NO.MAD Arquitectos (Madrid), CRABStudio (London), Estudio Carme Pinós (Barcelona), Zaha Hadid Architects (Hamburg), BUSarchitektur (Wien), Atelier Hitoshi Abe (Sendai), BURGHARDT ZT GESMBH (Wien)

Office consultant

Team Gnesda (Wien)

Supplied furniture

Meet:Me conference table, electrically height-adjustable presenter tables, Motion discussion and conference tables, stand desks, Motion Talk communication furniture, Motion work table classic CPU-mounted, tabletop notice board classic with cable duct, communication tables com:table, Motion hinged-door cabinet, Motion sliding-door cabinet, Motion shelves, rollnig file cabinets, conference table Quadra

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Neudoerfler Wien

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