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Impulse – the individual four-legged or cantilever chair.

Impulse is available in many different designs. Both the four-legged and cantilever models are stackable and ideally suited for meetings, conferences and waiting areas.

Viasit Impulse Loft

A product from Viasit.

Powerful design and incredibly practical.

Strong lines and practical functionality were especially important to the designer Ralf Umland when creating the Impulse family of chairs. There are numerous swivel chair versions for workstations, while many versions of the four-legged and cantilever models are available to choose from for meeting areas and waiting zones.

Viasit Impulse Armlehnen Orange
Viasit Impulse Armlehnen Netzruecken
Viasit Impulse Besucherstuhl Creme

Four-legged or cantilever?

The four-legged version is available with or without armrests as well as with padded backrest or mesh backrest. The mesh back is embedded in an all-round plastic frame with no visible screws. The frame of the cantilever model is made from a single, elegantly curved round pipe.

Viasit Impulse Stapelbar
Viasit Impulse Besucherstuhl Orange