unit storage – striking and yet discreet.

The unit storage cabinet is the ideal space-arranging element for open-plan offices. The module can be positioned either as a freestanding design element in the space or as a classic cabinet on the wall.

Planmoebel Unit Stauraum Bueromoebel Schrank Neudoerfler

A product from planmöbel.

Smart storage.

The unit cabinet modules are available in heights of 75 or 112.5 cm and in a range of widths with one, two or three doors. This gives rise to numerous possible variations and combinations to match the individual office environment. The timeless designed is noted for having rounded corners – the trademark of the product range – and no-handle hinged doors that are opened using the front overhang.

Planmoebel Unit Stauraum Schrank Aufbewahrung Eintuerig Neudoerfler
Planmoebel Unit Stauraum Schrank Bueromoebel Design Neudoerfler
Planmoebel Unit Stauraum Schrank Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

Place another one on top.

A flexibly positionable top box can be used as an option for even more storage space or as an additional design element. It cuts a good figure when used as a partitioning and storage element.

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Planmoebel Unit Stauraum Aufsatzbox Schrank Aufbewahrung Neudoerfler
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