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Motion cabinet tops – can’t be topped.

Greened plant trays bring blossoming life to the office, Motion boxes provided plant of space for everything needed close to hand, while cabinet tops with small compartments inspire truly organised types – as practical team mailboxes, for example.

Motion Schrank Aufsatz Stauraum Schiebetuerschrank Bueroeinrichtung Neudoerfler

For a great indoor climate.

Brings greenery into the office and gets ideas sprouting. The plant tray is a real eye-catcher and also ensures pleasant indoor air.

Motion Pflanzwanne Stauraum Schrankaufsatz Gruen Buero Neudoerfler
Motion Pflanzwanne Aufsatz Schrank Bueromoebel Neudoerfler
Motion plant tray

Always on top.

Need additional storage space? With the Motion box and the Motion cabinet top with small compartments, you have frequently needed items close to hand as well as additional storage available at the flick of a wrist.

Motion Box Schrankaufsatz Regalaufsatz Stauraum Neudoerfler
Motion box
Motion Schrankaufsatz Kleinfaecher Postfaecher Stauraum Bueromoebel Neudoerfler
Motion cabinet top with small compartments

Colours & materials

The colour of our cabinet tops can be adapted to the combinable Motion cabinets. Choose for yourself:

Wood decorations in melamine

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Uni decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine


Widths in cm 61 / 81 / 100 / 120 / 160
Depth in cm 45.4
Height in cm 37.5 / 25.6 (only for plant tray)