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Noova privacy wall – your own three walls in the office.

Meeting, team ping-pong and teleconference. Although, much conversation in an open space office inspires, people need the possibility to beaver away on strategies, concepts or figures in peace and quiet for truly focused, productive work. Neudoerfler privacy walls are not about creating rigid boundaries, but about ensuring less distraction at the workstation while maintaining visual contact with colleagues – for the best of both worlds.

Noova Privacy Wall Einhausung Arbeitsplatz Buero Neudoerfler

Light, air, spirit – quality of life.

Soft shapes and harmonious colours structure the space while creating flowing transitions. In this way, the privacy walls support a contemporary workstation that focuses consistently on people. For good neighbourliness in the office and for people who are completely immersed in the task at hand.

Noova Privacy Wall Einhausung Arbeitsplatz Office Neudoerfler
Noova Privacy Wall Einhausung Privat Arbeitsplatz Neudoerfler

The best starting point for individual office design.

The five privacy wall basic modules in U, H, double-H and ¾ shape are amongst our most popular solutions for the systematic planning and designing of open-plan offices. All modules can be individually configured:

  • 34 mm wall thickness, acoustically neutral
  • 50 mm wall thickness with sound-absorbent core
  • frameless sandwich construction
Noova Privacy Wall 3 4 Form Sandwichkante Einhausung Abschirmung Buero Neudoerfler
basic module ¾ form in sandwich construction
Noova Privacy Wall Doppel H Sandwichkante Privatsphaere Arbeitsplatz Buero Neudoerfler
basic module double-H form in sandwich construction
Noova Privacy Wall Sandwichkante Einhausung Bueromoebel Neudoerfler
sandwich construction 34mm, acoustically neutral
Noova privacy wall sandwichbauweise 50mm einhausung bueromoebel schreibtisch neudoerfler
sandwich construction 50mm, sound absorbing

Colours & materials

A wide range of fabrics is available to choose from for our privacy walls. Select your feel-good colours:


For table lengths in cm 160 / 180 / 200 / 220
For table widths in cm 100 / 110 / 120
Height in cm 125 (incl. 2 cm adjustable foot)
Thicknesses in cm 3,4 (acoustically neutral) / 5 (with sound-absorbent core)