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Motion rolling and stationary file-cabinets – small, but wow!

Let your easy-running (office) companion quietly off the leash. Use the freedom to optimally exploit the space behind your work table and beyond. Or the freedom to hold an informal meeting with colleagues, where the container with optional seat pad becomes a temporary seating option.

Motion rollcontainer stauraum einrichtungl sitzpolster absperrbar bueromoebel neudoerfler

Seat? Please!

There’s space not only in the smallest kennel, but also in clever office file-cabinets. Even for irresistible treats, as our four-legged office colleagues know. Because our file-cabinets are almost unbeatable in terms of storage and flexibility. The compact, practical contemporaries are always around when you need a welcome flexible aid as a temporary shelf, lockable storage container or “footrest”.

Motion Container Rollcontainer Stauraum Bueromoebel Buerohund Neudoerfler
Motion container ablage sitzgelegenheit stauraum bueromoebel neudoerfler

Brings movement into play And gets the next project rolling.

Our sturdy rolling file-cabinets create order and generous free space right by your workstation – directly under the table, as an addition on the side or as a mobile companion, all depending on the design. The compact companion offers space for a utensil tray and several drawers that can be pulled out almost all the way. An integrated pull-out lock prevents several drawers from being opened at once and acts as a reliable anti-tilt device.

Motion rollcontainer stauraum arbeitsplatz buero neudoerfler
Motion rollcontainer sitzpolster stauraum buero neudoerfler

Great spec!

All rolling file-cabinets are lockable as standard to ensure that valuable items and sensitive documents remain where they belong. A range of different drawer layouts and heights offer just the space you need for precious items.

Motion rolling stational file container office furniture drawer storage neudoerfler

So nicely organised.

Pens, office aids and frequently used bits and bobs can be instantly found right at the top in the utensil tray. Below that are drawers whose interiors can be individually organised with practical accessories.

Motion rolling stational file container office furniture neudoerfler

Colours & materials

The body and front of your file cabinet, and optionally the fabric for covering the seat pad, can be selected from numerous options to match your individual office environment:

Wood veneer

Wood decorations in melamine

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Uni decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine

The right size for all purposes. Here you will find an overview of the sizes of the different container models so that you can choose the right companion for you:

Sizes rolling file-cabinet

Width in cm 43.3
Depths in cm 60 / 80
Height in cm 57.1

Size narrow rolling file-cabinets

Width in cm 33.3
Depth in cm 60
Height in cm 57.1

Sizes stationary file-cabinets (without castors)

Width in cm 43.3
Depths in cm 60 / 80
Height in cm 72