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Motion work tables classic – everything in line.

A superior thing: the Motion work table is Neudoerfler’s undisputed classic for good reason. It’s pleasantly neat design offers everything you expect from an efficient workstation. The timeless table is highly functional, varied and extremely sturdy, and a proven all-rounder in everyday office life. And, according to our customers, it’s simply indispensable – even after many productive years together.

Motion Arbeitstisch 4 Fuss Schreibtisch Buero Moebel Pinnwand Neudoerfler

We give the Motion work table legs.

All four frame versions have their feet based firmly in the facts.

Motion Arbeitstisch Rechteckfuss Ed Neudoerfler
U frame ED (rectangular tube)
Motion Arbeitstisch Rechteckfuss Ed Neudoerfler
U frame RP (round tube)
Motion Arbeitstisch Quadratfuss Projekt Qp Neudoerfler
U frame QP (square tube Project)
Motion Arbeitstisch Quadratfuss Design Qd Neudoerfler
U frame QD (square tube Design)
Motion Arbeitstisch Rundfuss Projekt Rp Neudoerfler
U frame RP (round tube)
Motion Arbeitstisch Buero Open Office Schreibtisch Quadratfuss Design Neudoerfler

Sophisticated design for transparency.

Aficionados swear by the patented clamping system that makes the Motion work table so variable. For example, all accessories – from the knee panel to the tabletop notice board and the monitor holder – can be fitted and exchanged in record time. So you can concentrate fully on what really matters: your own work.

Motion Arbeitstische Pinnwand Bueromoebel Quadratfuss Projekt Neudoerfler
Motion Arbeitstisch Bueromoebel Einrichtung Office Neudoerfler

Colours & materials

Select the colour of the table frame and the tabletop from numerous possibilities and combine them in any way you like:

Table frame

Wood decorations in melamine

Show more coloursShow less colours +

Uni decorations in melamine

Show more coloursShow less colours +

Selection decorations in melamine


Lengths in cm 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 / 220 / 240
Widths in cm 60 / 80 / 90 / 100
Heigths in cm Fixed height of 72cm or individually height adjustable from 65-85cm
Motion Abeitstisch Eckarbeitstisch Rundfuss Projekt Buero Homeoffice Neudoerfler

Pimp up your Motion

Proven Motion tables in a new design

If you already use our Motion office range and would like to breathe new life into it, you have good reason to be happy. Combine your trusted Motion work table with the new MyMotion notice board and stretchable cords in your favourite colour – and you can pin, clamp and playfully arrange your workplace. This is how a workstation becomes a feel-good place to be.

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