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Monitor swivel arm – flexible work in every position.

Nothing dazzles, nothing diverts, all the important stuff is always in view: high-quality monitor arms are the humble stars of the office. Like a discreet wellness package, these slimline, yet powerful helpers support our spinal column and our eyes. Because the right height, angle and distance from the screen improve our posture and line of sight, which automatically takes the strain off our neck and eyes. This makes us better able to absorb information and work in a much more relaxed and productive way.

Monitorarm Schwenkarm Bildschirmhalterung Neudoerfler

A product from Humanscale.

Light and airy – and solid as a rock.

The flexible monitor arms are the ideal tool for everyone who profits from a perfect perspective. They can even be mounted directly to the table frame of our Motion work tables using the patented clamping system. This way, the monitor arm is perfectly secure and safe – and doesn’t take up any extra space.

3D Monitorschwenkarm Bildschirmhalterung Bueromoebel Homeoffice Neudoerfler

For everyone who prefers seeing double.

Our smart monitor brackets are available for one or two monitors.

Monitorhalterung Humanscale Bildschirm Neudoerfler