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Drumback – two advantages combined.

The Drumback combines the advantages to two kinds of office chair: a comfortable padded back and an airy mesh back.

Drumback Viasit Arbeitsplatz Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

A product from Viasit.

Airy and stable.

Similar to a drum skin, the upholstery fabric is stretched over a back part made from polypropylene. This gives you the air comfort of a mesh back combined with the stability of a one-piece back shell. The ingenious design idea comes from Martin Ballendat.

Drumback viasit buerostuhl drehstuhl bueromoebel uebersicht neudoerfler
Drumback Viasit Buerostuhl Blau Neudoerfler

Ergonomically flexible.

The Drumback can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs. The height and depth of the seat can be changed, the height and angle of the backrest and lumbar supports can be adjusted, and the armrests can also be set in terms of height, width and even angle.

Drumback Viasit Arbeitsstuhl Bueromoebel Neudoerfler 1

Drumback Ultra Spring.

You’ll sit especially softly and well supported in the Drumback Ultra Spring. Inside the seat pad, 56 pocket springs provide flexible support where its needed. So you always sit in comfort because your weight and pressure are ideally distributed. This additional feature is available for all workstation chairs in the Drumback and Newback ranges.