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Newback – the organically curved swivel chair.

Newback is the next incarnation of the multi-award winning Viasit classic Drumback and can be harmoniously combined with swivel chairs and discussion chairs from the Drumback family.

Viasit Newback Drehstuhl Besprechungstisch Buerostuhl Neudoerfler

A product from Viasit.

The design speaks for itself.

The trademark of Newback is the delicate, organically curved and yet highly durable frame. It surrounds the backrest and creates the connection to the optional neck rest.

Viasit Newback Buerostuhl Nackenstuetze Lordosestuetze Neudoerfler
Viasit Newback Buerostuhl Lordosestuetze Ergonomisch Schreibtisch Neudoerfler
Viasit Newback Drumback Drehstuhl Ergonomisch Neudoerfler

Pure function in an organic curve.

In the Newback, the designer Martin Ballendat has perfected the art of omission. The form remained for the pure function: an ergonomic, sustainable swivel chair that looks elegant makes desk work a pleasure, day after day.

Viasit Newback Drehstuhl Schreibtisch Ergonomisch Design Neudoerfler

Ergonomics to suit your needs.

The seat height, seat depth, armrest width and height as well as the armrest supports can be flexibly adjusted. The backrest angle can be locked, the lumbar supports and the angle and height of the neck rest adjusted. With its many individual ergonomic settings, the Newback is also the ideal chair for particularly small and particularly large people.

Viasit Newback Drehstuhl Ergonomie Gruen Neudoerfler
Viasit Newback Drumback Drehstuhl Netzruecken Neudoerfler

Addition to the Drumback family.

The workstation and discussion chairs of the Drumback range go perfectly with the Newback, because they’re based on the same design concept. Combine Drumback and Newback and enjoy the many options for designing your room from one and the same cast. Newback is available in a wide range of colours and ensures a high level of ergonomic comfort in the workplace.