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Cloonch – standing seat for an upbeat day at work.

Cloonch promotes dynamic standing and sitting while ensuring movement at work. The standing seat is especially well suited for height-adjustable work tables.

Viasit Cloonch Stehsitz Lounge Bar Buero Neudoerfler

A product from Viasit.

Sit in healthy style.

The Cloonch is a standing seat with a special property: it keeps you gently moving as you work. That promotes the circulation and strengthens the muscles. You won’t get tense, you’ll feel better all round and your back will thank you.

Viasit Cloonch Stehsitz Arbeitstisch Hoehenverstellbar Neudoerfler
Viasit Cloonch Stehsitz Wippeffekt Bewegung Sitzen Stehen Neudoerfler

Working on the move.

Cloonch is just what you need for height-adjustable work tables or high tables. Its mobile base has an integrated swivel mechanism that works with a patented gas spring. The elegant leather handle tab makes the Cloonch very easy to carry and is also used to adjust the height between 60 and 85 cm. Its seat pad is comfortably upholstered and available in a range of colours.

Viasit Cloonch Stehsitz Arbeitstisch Hoehenverstellbar Orange Neudoerfler
Viasit Cloonch Stehhilfe Schreibtisch Bewegung Neudoerfler