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Organic Office – modular islands of communication.

Organic Office has a modular design and is perfectly suited for waiting areas, meeting zones or workshops. As a flexible office lounge system, the focus is entirely on communication.

Viasit Organic Office Lounge Wartebereich Neudoerfler

A product from Viasit.

Shortens waiting times and improves workshops.

In waiting areas or meeting zones, the sustainably produced Viasit Organic Office creates a calm, inviting ambience with a touch of class. The modular system is the ideal partner for workshops, too. Teams can define and even adapt their own temporary workshop setting, whether in a company or a university.

Viasit Organic Office Lounge Loft Orange Neudoerfler
Viasit Organic Office Krankenhaus Wartebereich Neudoerfler

Five modules – limitless combinations.

Organic Office is available as set of five upholstered modules. The two large padding elements can additionally be provided with a backrest. The three small modules are optionally also available with a hard, lacquered surface, making them suitable for use as a lounge table. All elements have a silver powder-coated base. An optional electrical connection delivers the power needed for notebooks or smartphones. The lounge furniture can be individually configured using the Organic Office app. A large number of materials and colours are available to choose from for the surface.

Viasit Organic Office Kommunikation Universitaet Neudoerfler
Viasit Organic Office Uni Fh Neudoerfler
Viasit Organic Office Loft Kommunikation Lounge Fh Neudoerfler