Klikit – opens up new perspectives.

Whether working, learning, waiting, meeting or living, the Klikit chairs and bar stools cut a good figure everywhere. They are adjustable and available in many versions, making them the perfect chair for seminars, workshops, discussions and waiting areas.

Viasit Klikit Stapelstuhl Seminar Workshop Event Sitzmoebel Neudoerfler

A product from Viasit.

Stimulating change of perspective.

The shapely frame of curved steel tube and the click-in seat and back pads in a synthetic material that’s pleasant to the touch make Klikit a wonderfully convertible all-rounder. With runner frame or cruciform base, casters and gas spring for a rapid swivel, Klikit is ideally suited for meeting, seminar and workshop settings. The Klikit bar stool also gives you a great view of what’s going on.

Viasit Stapelstuhl Konferenzstuhl Besucherstuhl Bueromoebel Neudoerfler
Viasit Klikit Barhocker Meeting Buero Neudoerfler
Viasit Klikit Stapelstuhl Sitzmoebel Seminar Event Buero Neudoerfler

As changeable as its users.

Alternatively, the backrest can be fitted with a mesh cover. Optional additional features such as seat and back pads, armrests or a writing tray make Klikit a truly functional marvel. With gas spring lift and aluminium cruciform base, Klikit even becomes a mobile conference or desk chair. Klikit also dazzles as an event chair. It is easy to handle, stackable and also available in a bench arrangement for waiting areas.

Viasit Klikit Drehstuhl Konferenzstuhl Meeting Neudoerfler
Viasit Klikit Drehstuhl Konferenzstuhl Meeting Neudoerfler
Viasit Klikit Stuhl Schreibtalar Schulmoebel Sitzmoebel Seminar Neudoerfler
Viasit Klikit Stapelstuhl Stapelbar Event Seminar Neudoerfler
Viasit Klikit Traversenbank Stuhl Sitzmoebel Neudoerfler