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se:motion – for agile and inspired work.

The dynamic swivel chair se:motion ensures comfortable working and offers agile freedom of movement in the office.

Sedus Semotion Buerodrehstuhl Dynamisch Arbeitsplatz Neudoerfler

A product from Sedus.

Flexibility and design.

With its dynamic lightness, the se:motion makes more than just a design statement. Thanks to its excellent flexibility, ideal comfort while sitting is guaranteed. The chair automatically adapts to every user, so that the individual body shape is optimally supported and assisted.

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Se Motion Phase Internet Jpg 18400

What mood are you in today?

As flexible as the se:motion is to use, as variable is its appearance: with just a few movements and without any tools, the air-permeable backrest can be covered with back pads, and the entire look of the chair changed to suit your mood.

Sedus Semotion Drehstuhl Buero Homeoffice Variabel Ergonomisch Neudoerfler
Sedus Semotion Buerodrehstuhl Sitzmoebel Arbeitsplatz Neudoerfler