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Ilvi & Finja swivel tables – click, clack, on your toes.

The space-saver that opens up into a great space. Our Ilvi and Finja swivel tables are ready in seconds when a presentation spontaneously grows into a discussion or a seminar room is needed as a co-working space.

Ilvi Schwenktisch Workshop Mobil Rollen Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

Love at first click.

Moving is good for you, and for your thoughts. Even a small change of location can get things rolling. The same is true of our work culture: dynamic meetings that require processes of change and innovation and count on self-organisation and active participation are now considered to be a central factor for business success. That’s where our swivel tables come into play: ultra-stable, ultra-mobile and set up at the flick of a wrist. If you need even more scope (for design), you’ll love the diverse surface and edge options. And if you need power, the Ilvi and Finja swivel tables can optionally be electrified via a cable duct or power outlet strips integrated into the central frame.

Ilvi finja swivel tables workshop office furniture neudoerfler

You can do that with ease.

Really easy handling. A release bar enables convenient operation of the table mechanism with one hand. So our Ilvi and Finja swivel tables can unlock automatically, even when you have (almost) both hands full.

Ilvi Schwenktisch Flexibel Seminar Workshop Buero Neudoerfler
Ilvi Schwenktisch Mobil Zusammenklappen Workshop Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

Colours & materials

Combine the tabletop and frame colours to your individual preference or your individual interior concept.

Table frame / release bar




Sizes Ilvi swivel table

Lengths in cm 140 / 160 / 180 / 200
Widths in cm 70 / 80
Height in cm (depending on the thickness of the tabletop) 73 / 73.6

Sizes Finja swivel table

Lenghts in cm 140 / 160 / 180 / 200
Widths in cm 70 / 80 / 100
Height in cm (depending on the thickness of the tabletop) 73 / 73.6