L-IOT – the characteristic head-turner.

The unique L-IOT side table makes a stylish statement next to your sofa or lounge furniture.

L Iot Lande Beistelltisch Lounge Empfang Blumen Neudoerfler

A product from Lande.

Make statements.

L-IOT is a round side table with a wood tabletop and a curved holder made of metal. It is available in various colours. You can also choose your preferred size: lower and larger or taller and smaller. L-IOT always cuts a good figure in the reception area, in the relaxation zone or next to the discussion sofa.

L Iot Lande Couchtisch Sofa Designer Holz Neudoerfler
L Iot Lande Beistelltisch Couch Rund Schwarz Weiss Neudoerfler
L Iot Lande Couchtisch Rund Designer Hoch Niedrig Neudoerfler

Exciting use of rounding.

The design is noted for the use of round forms for the tabletop and frame. “The striking design feature of L-IOT is the interaction of the round shapes, which appear simple on the one hand, yet represent a challenge in terms of structural engineering on the other,” says designer Christine Rathmann. “The design language is unconventional and exciting. That makes L-IOT a statement piece.”