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1st Class – the first-class haven of peace in the office.

The 1st Class sofa from Lande combines maximum comfort and practical functionality. The tall backrest and sides minimise ambient noises to allow undisturbed work or concentrated meetings.

Lande 1St Class Sofa Sitzmoebel Mittelzone Neudoerfler

A product from Lande.

A place to while away the time.

Whether as a room divide, for meetings on the go or in the waiting area, 1st Class offers a comfortable place to sit free from disruptive background noise. The thin, padded walls convey a feel-good ambience and invite you to linger. For even more homeliness, the 1st Class sofa can optionally be covered with two different fabrics to match its surroundings.

Lande 1St Class Raumteiler Wartezone Akustik Neudoerfler
Lande 1St Class Sofa Sitzmoebel Besprechung Akustisch Abschirmung Neudoerfler

Combine & create.

There are (almost) no limits to how you can combine and design the 1st Class sofa. The practical 1-seater sofa is a space-saver for integration into every spatial situation. With two or three seats, there’s enough space for doing work together. Two elements placed opposite each other provide the quiet and privacy needed for creative or focused meetings.

Lande 1St Class Raumteiler Wartebereich Mittelzone Neudoerfler
Lande 1St Class Mittelzone Raumakustik Meeting Neudoerfler
Lande 1St Class Sofa Akustik Meeting Neudoerfler