Toro – a truly wild eye-catcher.

Catches the eye in every situation. Whether for quick meetings on the go, to relax on during the lunch break or as a stylish head-turner in the lobby, the Toro always cuts a good figure.

Lande Toro Sitzmoebel Bueromoebel Stuhl Tisch Meeting Neudoerfler

A product from Lande.

Anything but ordinary!

The Toro is as versatile as it is extraordinary. With chair, table and coat rack in one, the Toro can be used in almost every area of the office. As a discussion chair, it promotes ergonomic posture and lets creative ideas flow; as an eye-catcher and a piece of lounge furniture, it decorates every reception area. The Toro invites you to linger a while with its sturdy wooden legs available in many colours and the snug upholstery made of fabric or leather. So inviting, you won’t be able to resist it

Lande Toro Buerostuhl Sitzmoebel Hocker Neudoerfler
Lande Toro Besprechung Meeting Hocker Neudoerfler