unit bench – teamwork made easy.

As the name suggests, the unit bench connects. From temporary shared workstations to the big meeting in the office, the unit bench always provides the right basis. Because success happens where people work together.

Planmoebel Unit Bench Arbeitstisch Teamarbeit Besprechungstisch Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

A product from planmöbel.

First-class design.

The striking Y-shape of the unit table frame acts as an eye-catcher and as a recognition factor. The unit bench has a double frame that can be placed flush to the outside edge or recessed. Edges chamfered at 35 degrees are used as a design element that can be found on every single piece of furniture in the unit product range. This gives the individual pieces a harmonious overall look when used in combination.

Planmoebel Unit Bench Konferenztisch Meeting Bueromoebel Neudoerfler
Planmoebel Unit Bench Teamarbeitstisch Konferenztisch Gestell Buero Neudoerfler

Flexible and matched to every situation.

As a meeting table, full-fledged team workstation or temporary desk, the unit bench combines and promotes communication and interaction. Ideally suited for co-working and open-plan offices The modular office furniture system enables tables to be extended to any length required and thus create a uniform design for different work situations. The unit bench can additionally be equipped with various power connections and cable management systems to ensure that messy cables are a thing of the past.

Planmoebel Unit Bench Besprechungstisch Arbeitsplatz Coworking Buero Neudoerfler