se:lab – flexible solutions for agile working.

More flexibility, changing requirements, new structures: the world of work is constantly on the move and with it the requirements for office furniture. se:lab is a product range that promotes agile working, as well as productivity and creativity.

Sedus Selab Agile Working Mobil Bueromoebel Workshop Seminar Praesentation

A product from Sedus.

Where ideas flow.

Whether for workshops that need flexibly deployable furniture, lounge areas that are used for different purposes or spontaneous meetings between colleagues, se:lab offers the right equipment for a wide variety of settings and is ready to use at any time thanks to the mobile product solutions.

Sedus Selab Multifunktional Agil Bueromoebel Workshop Neudoerfler
Sedus Selab Flexibel Moebel Praesentation Tisch Stuhl Buero Neudoerfler

Countless uses and combinations.

se:lab products are noted for their modern, harmonious style. All components can be individually combined to create limitless possibilities for use. With their lightweight construction, intuitive operation and castors for mobility, the products are ready for use any place, any time. se:lab comprises a range of (height-adjustable) single and team work tables, work benches and high tables, as well as workshop tools such as whiteboards, transport trolleys, stand-up seats and sofas. The many colours and materials available mean that se:lab products can be individually designed for every purpose.

Sedus Selab Agil Arbeiten Arbeitstisch Teamarbeit Mobil Flexibel Seminar Neudoerfler
Sedus Selab Stehsitz Stuhl Agil Arbeiten Workshop Mobil Neudoerfler
Sedus Selab Workshop Whiteboard Arbeitstisch Agil Bueromoebel Neudoerfler