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Little Perillo – the multifaceted eye-catcher.

This extraordinary chair impresses everyone with its refined design and sculptural appearance. The comfortable, snug seat pan makes it the perfect lounge furniture for diverse applications.

Zueco Little Perillo meeting chair lounge chair neudoerfler

A product from ZÜCO.

Like a smile that has been cast as a chair.

The Little Perillo makes an artistic design statement. Whether in residential or work rooms, entrance areas or discussion rooms, the chair always lends its surroundings a certain charm. Diverse configurations allow the Little Perillo to blend effortlessly into the office landscape, depending on requirements. Wooden legs, cruciform base, plate base or on castors – configure the Little Perillo to suit your taste and needs.

Zueco Little Perillo conference chair office furniture neudoerfler
Zueco Little Perillo conference chair visitor chair office furniture neudoerfler
Zueco Little Perillo office chair meeting chair seating furniture neudoerfler

(Almost) infinite design variety.

The seat pan is a true quick-change artist, whether in plastic with matching painted foot frame and optional seat pad, in leather with striking decorative stitching, or with a cosy fabric covering. A zip in a contrasting colour creates additional eye-catching moments. The snug form of the seat pan also literally invites you to stay a while.

Zueco Little Perillo Loungestuhl Bueromoebel Sitzmoebel Neudoerfler