ARIA – the airy outdoor chair.

The airiness of the ARIA chair or bar stool makes you think of being outside, and that’s exactly where it’s the right choice for terraces or outdoor spaces.

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A product from Lapalma.

The lightness of the sky.

ARIA evokes the lightness of the sky, not only because of its name, but also because of the low weight of its materials. With its elegant stranding, it seems to be made of air. ARIA is found where the horizon is wide.

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Durable and adaptable in one.

Whether canteen terrace, roof terrace or community centre café, this rugged chair is ideal for outdoor areas and looks perfect in any natural setting. The durability of stainless steel meets the perfect adaptability of the stranding, which surrounds the backrest and the wide, square seat.

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Various types are available.

The backrest and seat are hand-woven with a double twisted polyester yarn that looks like cotton. The stainless steel frame can be chosen to suit your taste in black (powder-coated), white (powder-coated) or metal, and the cord is available in three colours. ARIA is available as a chair with or without armrests and also as bar stool. It is also stackable.

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