PLUS – the mix & match way to your dream sofa.

The PLUS sofa conquers the space like a big island. It acts as a communication centre in the lounge or reception areas.

Lapalma Plus Sofa Empfang Lounge Gross Neudoerfler

A product from Lapalma.

An island of communication.

Lapalma PLUS comprises modular elements which accentuate the character of every environment. Shapes and colour seek each other out, attract each other and blend together. The seat is large, soft and cosy, making it a truly comfortable place to sit. The backrests provide the necessary support. PLUS therefore becomes an island of meeting in the reception or lounge area.

Energy filling station included.

The electrified armrest also makes PLUS the place for quickly topping up on energy. Because smartphones and laptops can be very conveniently charged on the integrated table. As an option, PLUS can also be combined with a partition wall and cushions. It is available in numerous upholstery versions and with a range of different tabletops.