Coloq – portable seating for all spontaneous meetings.

Coloq is a range of lightweight seating that is ideal for informal meetings and spontaneous discussions with colleagues.

Viasit Coloq Sitzmoebel Mobil Stoff Hocker Bank Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

A product from Viasit.

Always on the go and yet a constant companion.

The stool and bench can be flexibly deployed wherever needed simply by using the ergonomically located handle loops with one hand. Coloq seating elements are the quick seating option for meetings on the go with colleagues, but also become mobile break-time furniture for seminars, workshops or lounge areas.

Viasit Coloq Sitzmoebel Hocker Bank Mobil Buero Meeting Neudoerfler

Diverse and variable.

The square shape of the Coloq stool is the base unit and offers the perfect seat for one person. The individual elements can be variably combined depending on requirements. Coloq also offers larger seating elements: the combined surface area of three stools creates a bench. The combined area of nine stools becomes a seating island for several people. If required, a removable tray turns each Coloq stool into a side table for snacks and drinks or work utensils.

Viasit Coloq Hocker Sitzmoebel Lounge Workshop Meeting Bueromoebel Neudoerfler
Viaisit Coloq Hocker Loungemoebel Sitzmoebel Bank Buero Neudoerfler