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TGW Logistics Group – the future is now.

The TGW Logistics Group is a world leading system provider of highly dynamic intra-logistics solutions for a wide range of industries. With the goal of being able to continue along its path of growth, TGW constructed its new headquarters in Marchtrenk: the TGW Evolution Park.

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Space for everyone.

The new location offers office workstations for around 500 TGW staff as well as 200 employees in production. To be ideally prepared for the future and further growth, the new building was designed so that all the office and production areas can be further expanded at any time.

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Work-life balance begins in the office.

All office spaces are based on a customised open office concept that takes the findings of the latest scientific studies into consideration. Neudoerfler made an important contribution to implementing the open-plan office landscapes in a way that is suitable for everyday life and promotes productive work, internal communication and interaction, as well as the personal well-being of the employees.


Atmosphere and privacy.

Successful cooperation requires spatial proximity and sufficient space to be able to concentrate and regenerate. The TGW offices combine both aspects: desk enclosures with gently rounded contours ensure undisturbed work. Sound-absorbent elements support ideal spatial acoustics. Viswalls with slats that can turn through 360° bring the open-plan office layout into line with the desire for confidentiality.

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For more movement at the workstation.

In order to bring more movement to the office and provide for the physical wellbeing of the employees, Neudoerfler equipped all 580 workstations with electrically height-adjustable desks. Everyday sitting and standing thus becomes a personal workout.

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Customer name

TGW Logistics Group

Supplied furniture

Flux E sit-stand-desk, Noova privacy wall desk enclosures, planmöbel unit storage cabinets, Sedus Viswalls, HÅG Capisco office chairs, Regent Tweak floor lamp, Sedus se:works sofa modules

Project team

Neudoerfler Linz


David Schreyer


You can learn about the TGW Evolution Park on an interactive 360° tour here: www.tgw-group.com/de/news-press/pressemitteilungen/tgw-evolution-park-in-marchtrenk

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