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Mittelschule Neudörfl – Neudoerfler at school

Height-adjustable tables, flexible lounge furniture, space for personal items and much more – this creates an ideal learning and working atmosphere for both teachers and students. At Mittelschule Neudörfl a new learning environment was created on three levels for around 180 pupils. Wood plays an important role in the interior design. This ensures an improved room climate and has a calming effect.


During the planning phase, the Neudoerfler advisory team contributed their specific know-how about interior in the educational sector. The middle school should be modern, warm and cozy and also offer an ideal learning atmosphere with sufficient space for communication and interaction. In addition to the recurring material wood, invigorating splashes of colour were required in the rooms. The colourful Neudoerfler shelves on the walls of each classroom set accents and offer storage space for school books, gymnastic equipment and the like – all at the same time.

Middle School neudoerfl school neudoerfler
Middle School neudoerfl neudoerfler

Classes that are not only colourful, but also versatile.

A total of ten classes were equipped with tables, shelves, acoustically effective pin boards and a teacher's work area. The school desks are available as double desks and as single desks – this provides the greatest possible flexibility whenever the setting needs to be adjusted during the lessons. The tables are equipped with a basket and a hook. The school bag can be practically stowed away there and notebooks quickly disappear under the table surface during the break. The height of the school desks can be adjusted using a cordless screwdriver. The height can be varied individually between 1st and 4th class, so the table grows with the pupils.

Next to each class there is a room specifically designed for group work where the pupils can work on tasks in small groups and teachers can offer special support during team teaching.

Class school neudoerfler
Small group classroom at the neudoerfler school
Classroom school school facility neudoerfler
"With only a flick of the wrist, the height-adjustable tables at Neudoerfler can be set two centimeters higher. These are future-oriented & time-saving features. "
Dieter Posch, Mayor of Neudörfl

Acoustically effective cabinets for more peace and quiet during long breaks.

A place to exchange ideas with one another is also in demand for teachers. The staff room offers around 25 workstations on large worktables, so-called benches with an integrated power strip for charging laptops and network connection. To ensure the right acoustics even during break time, Neudoerfler – as a room acoustics expert – has adjusted the fronts of the cabinets with acoustically effective drill holes. The teacher's cloakrooms, storage space and seating possibilities in the kitchen have been individually designed.

The alternation between sitting and standing when working is the healthiest. Therefore, high tables such as the Motion Talk invite the user in the teachers' room, library and day care center to work while standing.

Lehrerzimmer akustikfronten arbeitsplatz schule neudoerfler
Lehrerzimmer konferenzzimmer schule neudoerfler

Flexible furniture encourages creativity and togetherness.

Afternoon childcare takes place in a large day care center, where homeworks can be done and there is plenty of space for creativity. Sofas and beanbags are ideal for concentrated learning as well as playing together.

In the assembly hall and in the corridor area, flexible lounge furniture forms a center for communication. The pieces of furniture can be moved around by the students during the breaks, so that different settings can be created for different uses. Every child also has its own locker to stow valuables and to assure them that their snack is safely stored.

Schule tagesheim nachmittagsbetreuung neudoerfler
Locker stauraum schule neudoerfler
Pause lounge schulmoebel neudoerfler
"Our children are very enthusiastic about the equipment in the new school."
v. HL. Karin Sinawehl, Headteacher of the Mittelschule Neudörfl

Read, learn and laugh.

The library should not only be a storage place for books, but also offer interested children a comfortable place to read. With movable stools that can be placed anywhere in the room, groups of friends and study groups can come together flexibly.

Stauraum regale bibliothek schule neudoerfler
Sitzhocker bibliothek schule neudoerfler
Customer name

Mittelschule Neudörfl

Supplied furniture

Height-adjustable C-leg school desk with wire mesh basket and bag hook, Lockers, Motion work table classic with QP square feet, Motion hinged-door cabinet, Motion rolling and stationary cabinets, Motion shelf, AER storage space, Tabletop notice board classic, Motion work table as workbenches, Motion Talk communication furniture, Motion discussion and conference tables, CPU mounted computer desks, Uni:Table multifunction table, Garberobe mit Sitzbank, Viasit Coloq stool, Cascando team LSM sofa, Viasit Organic Office modular islands, beanbags, Håg Capisco Puls saddle chair, Lapalma LEM bar stool

Project team

Neudoerfler Geschäftsstelle Neudörfl

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Classroom school school facility neudoerfler