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Partition wall solutions – for more rooms in the room.

Room for cooperation. Room for concentrated work. Room for undisturbed conversations. That and even more is what office spaces should provide. Glass partition walls and system partition walls let you create areas of retreat in an open-plan office and use different areas for specific purposes.

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Partition walls can create several new rooms in a single room and they can help to combine different requirements. A new meeting room, a quiet place to make a phone call, a shared office area or a screen to block out curious looks and distracting office chatter can be created in moments with the right partition walls.

Whether pure glass partition walls for transparency or system partition walls for more seclusion, the right solution is available for every room.

Full glass wall

For an endless expanse and a clear view

The full glass wall stands for transparency and openness. It takes a step back and lets the room work for itself or makes statements in the style of a loft. Meeting rooms can be transparently screened off, and with large spaces the full glass wall creates visual zoning.

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System partition wall

For a mix of openness and protection against prying eyes

The system partition wall combines transparency and visual protection. With a high degree of acoustic screening, it provides a setting for undisturbed conversations. Different materials for the panels make a customised design possible.

Discover the system partition wall

Both partition wall solutions at a glance (in German):