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Signo – perfection in every detail.

The elegant design language of the Signo conference chair projects superb comfort and first-class quality, making it the conference and director’s chair range par excellence. The chair takes up a striking yet restrained position in your office landscape.

Zueco Signo conference chair management office furniture neudoerfler

A produckt from ZÜCO.

The body dictates the form.

The high-quality design of the Signo discussion chairs promises a comfortable and healthy way to sit. The ergonomically developed backrest that follows the natural curves of the spine is the trademark of the Signo and guarantees you’ll sit in comfort. The integrated mechanism enables the chair to be adjusted to offer every user the best level of comfort and optimal ergonomics.

Zueco Signo conference chair meeting chair office neudoerfler
Zueco signo meeting chair conference office furniture neudoerfler