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Signo – comfort in every form.

The striking design idiom of the Signo swivel chair is based on the double-S curve of the spinal column and signals comfort and top quality at first glance.

Zueco signo office chair swivel chair ergonomics seating office furniture neudoerfler

A product from ZÜCO.

Elegant style idiom.

The unique design of the Signo goes effortlessly in every office environment. Three tall, ergonomically shaped backrests are available to choose from for the perfect level of comfort based on individual needs. The aluminium back frame with matching integrated ring armrests is a significant design feature of the Signo and makes a statement in every (management) office.

Zueco signo office chair management chair seating furniture neudoerfler

Individual design.

The Signo is available in numerous versions. Almost limitless possibilities exist for personalising this chair to perfection, thanks to the large range of cover fabrics, materials and models. The ergonomic seat, body-fitting backrest and modern, slimline design of the Signo combine to create a real head-turner.

Zueco Signo office chair swivel chair office furniture neudoerfler
Zueco Signo office chair swivel chair management homeoffice furniture neudoerfler